Landscape Architecture

Chulalongkorn University

Commonly, people would think about trees when anyone was talking about landscape architecture. These presumption leads to the perception that the work of landscape architecture is planting trees or gardening. As a result, generally, people perceive that landscape architectural students learn how to plant trees nicely in the curriculum of landscape architecture program.

As a matter of fact, what landscape architectural students or eventual landscape architects learn and build their capacity is effectively modifying, improving, developing and restoring physical and biological environment to foster human needs in a sustainable way. In doing so, the thoroughly understanding of the landscape is essentially required in order to achieve human utilitarian purpose and maintaining and sustaining mutual relationship with surrounding environment. The thoroughly understanding means the structures, functions, and dynamics of ecosystem, socio-economical system and cultural system of natural and built environment needed to be comprehensively analyzed and understood. Consequently, through trans disciplinary discourse, the eventual landscape architects will be equipped with the breath and the depth of the knowledge of natural and built environment, human dimensions and their interactions and relationships with the ability to design and plan the landscape that effectively and sustainably foster human life and landscape.

As a service to our students and faculty members, alumni, prospective students and any interested person and public, this website is intended to provide useful information about the department of landscape architecture of Chulalongkorn University, landscape architectural education offered by the department and landscape architecture in general. Also, this website is aimed to be a portal of educational information and linkages.